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Cover Me in Spring Sunshine

Spring has arrived and with it some more sunshine. This season came with more beautiful events and a special place to be creative.

When our client Chynnë reached out, we knew it was going to be an epic birthday event for her friend. She coordinated on behalf of all her friends and the birthday queen De’Jhanicca to host a beautiful birthday picnic. She gave me all the creative freedom to make this happen. I love when clients trust me to put together a beautiful design for them. I decided to do a very fancy and classy design with lots of light and bright yellow to reflect the happiness and sunshine that Spring brings with it.

Check out the happy birthday queen with her luxury picnic!

De'Jhanicca was the sweetest! We're so glad we met her and her friends. I can't wait to plan their next event.

People say the happiest times involve sharing a meal with your loved ones and this group truly honored that. They truly enjoyed our newest deconstructed sandwich board, which has bread, deli meats, cheese and sandwich toppings and condiments. I received many messages from both Chynnë and De’Jhanicca praising the sandwiches they got to enjoy and just the whole experience overall.

Deconstructed Sandwich Board
Deconstructed Sandwich Board

Thank you to our beautiful clients for making this an extra special start of Spring!

Thinking about booking your luxury picnic this Spring? reach out!

Planning & Design: Picnic & Unwind


Did this post get you excited about celebrating your own special occasion with a luxury picnic? If yes, contact us.

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