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It's all 'bout that Baby Shower, No Trouble!

People say expecting parents need a village to raise a child and they are not wrong! Planning for the arrival of a baby oftentimes leads to many mixed feelings of joy and stress. Picnic & Unwind is here to help!

Most of the time, we have family members or best friends reaching out to us to help plan a baby shower for a mom-to-be. Oftentimes, they are unsure about where to start and feel overwhelmed about the many details to consider. Hiring me as your event planner for your next baby shower will ease some of the added stress that party planning can bring to most of those with busy lives. I love what I do and strive to make each client's life easier. This is why I work alongside my clients to educate about costs/must-haves. As your event planner, you will not only gain someone who can execute, but as an added bonus, you will also gain a visual architect, who can design/personalize your event and work with vetted vendors that will make your event a success.

A little quick history lesson

Baby showers were invented in the 1950s as a way to shower a new mom-to-be with gifts, love, and support. We now see a continuation of this tradition with modern twists. More times than not, baby showers are a chance to display the mom-to-be favorite aesthetics while receiving gifts for the new baby.

Some of the most popular themes we have seen for baby showers include:

  • We can "Bearly" wait!

  • Safari jungle

  • Twinkle twinkle little star

  • Baby in Bloom!

  • Bee Baby

Today, I'm featuring a Baby in Bloom baby shower that I planned for Sarah, our beautiful mom-to-be, to show you all the beautiful details and activities we had for a loved-filled afternoon.

We had amazing details, including:

  • A Welcome sign to set the tone for the party's theme and welcome guests to the space

  • A brunch station filled with delicious brunch foods and fresh fruits

  • A mocktail station for those who desire non-alcoholic beverages and a bar with mom-inspired signature drinks

  • A custom two-tiered luxury cake with fresh blooms

  • The make your own bouquet flower bar with personalized tags, and a favor display station with personalized themed cookies and nail polish in the mom-to-be's favorite color that evolve the way guests take favors home

  • A photobooth with a custom greenery backdrop and balloon garland display

  • Marquee letters displaying the baby's name for a statement piece

  • Garden styled flowers displayed on tables under a tent

  • And a client-DIY'd onesie station for guests to decorate as desired

Putting this baby shower together was a labor of love. As an event planner and designer, I was able to come up with the different items that would ultimately make this concept as personal and unique for my clients and the mom-to-be. I managed the client's budget by finding, vetting, and managing vendors based on the client's must-haves and desired items. Ultimately, this event was truly magical and all guests were boasting with joy after a fun-filled time together celebrating Sarah, the mom-to-be.

Want to know how much this baby shower costed? Stay tuned for a price breakdown on our next blog!


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