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Dreaming of Pink Cherry Blossoms

Happy Day! I'm back from a dreamy vacation in Florida that reminded me of the importance of having some quality time with our loved ones. What better way to reconnect with people than experiencing a luxury picnic! My travels reminded me of a time when my client Vicente eagerly picked up the phone and called to request a luxury picnic for his partner Alessandra. She had been dreaming of experiencing one for a while and I felt so honored to get to make that dream a reality. After all, life is about the little things that make it truly special for your loved ones.

Alessandra and Vicente were both traveling down from Chicago to see the Cherry Blossoms and visit DC. Vicente was very intentional in choosing our Pink Blossoms Partea design with a teepee backdrop add-on that would pair well with the ambience. He also wanted it to be a very inclusive service with food and beverages. He chose the deconstructed sandwich board, mini desserts platter, and sparkling lemonade add-ons.

Pink Blossoms Partea picnic table with pinks and blues
Pink Blossoms Partea

When they showed up, all the sparkles and good vibes were flying around. Alessandra is a travel and lifestyle Instagram boss from Chicago. Follow her adventure at @alessgonz

Many thanks to both Alessandra and Vicente for choosing us and allowing us to share their beautiful pictures of this dreamy picnic that finally became reality.

Happy couple enjoying their picnic
Happy couple enjoying their picnic

Planning & Design: Picnic & Unwind

Design: Pink Blossoms Partea


Did this post get you excited about celebrating your own special occasion with a luxury picnic? If yes, contact us.

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