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A Love Stronger than Wind

As a picnic planner, I meet many amazing couples, who choose us to celebrate their anniversaries, birthdays, romantic dates, etc. I feel very lucky that when I meet these couples, I get to see true love. Not the kind of true love that Disney portrays, but the one when love languages are understood, needs are met, and the chemistry is pouring like hot tea on a Winter day. This was the case when I met Kelly and Shavaughn (Shevy).

A modern couple following their hearts

Shevy and I met in 2019. He was a 5th year Penn State Industrial Engineering student, as well as a very popular DJ at the local bars on the weekends. I was working as a dietitian in the area in long term care and reliving my college days…” Kelly told me when I asked about how they met. “I knew of him as the DJ, but had never met him until one night I decided to stay in and swipe on Tinder instead. He popped up, I swiped right, and we matched! Instead of messaging him, I found his Instagram and followed him. I woke up the next morning to a message in my DMs asking me on a date for the following week.”

The fur baby parent life

“Shevy has also become the best adoptive father to my two goofball cats, and they potentially love him more than me now since he gets to work from home with them every day”

Kelly said about their present life living together as fur baby parents. As a fur baby mommy myself, I can relate!

The surprise anniversary celebration

Kelly first reached out in hopes to surprise Shevy with an anniversary luxury picnic. Being newer to the area, Kelly wondered what the weather would be like in mid November. As the locals know, it is hard to predict the weather in November (or any day for that matter). Kelly understood and decided to schedule it anyway. She chose a romantic setting overlooking the water near DCA. It was a truly blissful day in November, where Fall was peaking and with it bringing some strong winds.

Let me tell you that seeing strong winds knocking candles out and almost compromising the table decor was not ideal. The location near the airport and highway made the winds seem a lot stronger than what the weather had stated. This was surely a lesson for me to make sure my table designs go along with the weather and secure items as best as possible. Check out the video below to see the action!

Nevertheless, the happy couple was delighted to see their picnic view of the Washington Monuments and Fall-inspired tablescape. I like to think that their love was stronger than the wind!

They enjoyed their charcuterie board and other picnic items they brought along. At the end they took their personalized name cards as souvenirs of their magical and windy time together and rode off into the sunset of the whimsical George Washington Parkway trail.

The story doesn’t end there

I am very lucky to have amazing customers and Kelly and Shevy are just some of the best. I recently put out a call looking for community models for our Valentine’s Day collection and they volunteered! As a small business owner, I try partnering with other small businesses in the area to support and collaborate with each other. This photoshoot collaboration was with Garden Igloo VA, a small igloo experience company in the DMV. Check out our beautiful photos below for a Valentine's Day brunch theme.

Thinking about booking your Valentine's or Galentine's Day experience? reach out!

Planning & Design: Picnic & Unwind

Collaborator: Garden Igloo VA


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