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Butterflies for Baby Katie

Welcome to the world, beautiful and strong baby Katie! This blog is dedicated to baby Katie and her family. I am sure soon-to-be parents will rejoice and get inspired from today's story.

In this line of work, I have had the privilege of seeing/creating all things pretty and enjoying beautiful views. But nothing compares to meeting Katie. We met her back when she was still in her mom’s belly waiting to see this world. She is our youngest client to date. Baby Katie has always been a good baby. Back in August, she let her mom and dad enjoy their anniversary picnic to celebrate 5 years of marriage. Back then, her parents were very excited (and nervous) waiting for her to be born in September. The day Katie was born, her proud and happy dad, Aland reached out for a second time to plan another intimate family picnic to celebrate and welcome baby Katie. He wanted to particularly surprise and spoil mom and grandma, who were going to have many long days and nights taking care of new baby Katie.

Aland owns and is the CEO of Acuna Consulting. Therefore, he’s a very busy business and family man, who likes all things extra. Aland is always thinking outside the box and enjoys all the extra magic we can bring to make his events special. He wants the best for his family and we couldn’t let him down!

Aland was excited to surprise his family once more when he opened his doors for us to do our magic and transform his basement. Indoor picnics are becoming trendy for those who want the convenience of being in a temperature-controlled environment and access to everything else needed at their home. This is especially true as winter is coming (yes, GOT #iykyk).


We planned a beautiful butterfly wonderland themed picnic - brunch style. We transformed their space into a butterfly wonderland. Our brunch themed picnics are truly one of a kind! Here is what Aland chose from our recommendations:

Our beautiful backdrop with custom colors and decor to match the butterfly theme truly made this a butterfly wonderland. It came with a custom sign to properly make a statement for welcoming baby Katie into the world!

In addition, to create a wonderful ambience, an extra floral arrangement was added. Florals truly make everything more magical!

Our Deluxe Brunch Board comes with a variety of croissants, bagels, spreads, fruits, nuts, meat (choice of smoked salmon, ham, turkey, chicken, or pastrami), boiled eggs, cucumbers, and dried fruits. Aland also suggested adding blinis with caviar and crème fraîche, which is an amazing tiny pancake of goodness and class. The family was left very satisfied!

Our Deluxe Mimosa Bar includes champagne, champagne glasses, juice, and garnishes placed on a decorated table. Their family enjoyed having the Dom Pérignon champagne upgrade. This family surely knows how to party with the best! They also added a picnic favorite: the Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade mocktail, a delight for those who wish to drink something sweet and refreshing without alcohol.

To add a touch of sweetness, Aland used our vendor coordination services and received custom cookies and the best mini cakes from Sugar Belle Confections to match the theme. Finally, the family got delighted with our butterfly-themed edible arrangement with all fresh fruits and white chocolate covered strawberries. The family absolutely loved their sweet treats and raved about the decorated dessert table full of sweetness and extra blossoms to complete their space.

To capture all the magic, Jacob and Erika from Sosa Portraits made sure to have the appropriate lighting for this indoor picnic. They did a fantastic job with all the details.


When Katie’s mom and grandma, Hristina and Krasimira, walked in and saw the magical butterfly wonderland we had created, tears of joy started flowing all around. We couldn’t help but cry tears of joy too knowing that we contributed to their happiness. Shoutout to all strong and beautiful moms and grandmas! You are truly superheroes. Another shoutout to the thoughtful father who trusted us with this fantastic occasion!

Baby Katie made her grand entrance and slept through it all; she was probably dreaming of butterflies and how one day she will too grow her wings and learn to fly high. We thank baby Katie, who will forever hold a special place in our hearts for being with us since her very beginning. We wish baby Katie the best as she grows up and so much more love to her beautiful family, who once again trusted us to make this a really special welcome party.

Planning, Design and Vendor Coordination: Picnic & Unwind

Design: Butterfly Wonderland

Photographer: Sosa Portraits

Custom Cookies and Cake: Sugar Belle Confections


Did this post get you excited about celebrating your own special occasion with a luxury picnic? If yes, contact us.

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